Meet Orange, CA Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Lori Bagai


Dr. Lori Bagai at Smart Smile is dedicated to showing a commitment to excellence in dentistry, and continually stands out as a leading dentist in Orange, CA. Dr. Bagai will use the latest advances in dentistry techniques and technology to fit your unique smile needs. Dr. Bagai also strongly believes in educating her patients to prevent any oral health issues, and to keep patients informed and up to date about their dental needs. Learn more about Orange, CA cosmetic dentist Dr. Lori Bagai below. 


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Dr. Lori Bagai, DDS

Dr. Bagai graduated with honors receiving a degree in dental surgery from the University of Calcutta, India in 1990. She has been very blessed to have been influenced by Mother Teresa since childhood in Calcutta and has helped out in many ways in all her causes including dentistry.


Dr. Lori Bagai has received honors and awards in branches of oral pathology, microbiology, oral diagnosis and dental radiology. After moving to Southern California, she was a dedicated volunteer dentist at M.E.N.D., a non-profit organization created to provide services that meet the basic human needs of individuals who reside in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.


Dr. Bagai has opened her beautiful state of the art office to indigenous people of Orange County, one Saturday a month, to provide them with free dentistry. She works closely with Western Service Workers Association in this cause.


Dr. Bagai has worked a lot with cleft lip and palate patients and is an avid supporter of the Operation smile foundation that does surgeries at no charge all over the world.


Dr. Bagai likes to be happy with her team and make the most of every day. She is a fun loving happy go lucky person who likes to spend a lot of her time with her young son and loves travelling.



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